Famous Last Words

"Doing the show was fun and effortless: great questions, a different approach ( thank God!) and a lot of fun. Thanks, guys, for actually thinking and researching. When you do 20 interviews a week, it sure makes a difference in a great interview! "

- Dee Wallace

"Necronomicast is best of the best when it comes to bloody brilliant interviews & the fans can't get enough of the inside track that Necronomicast exposes with every in-depth interview!!!"

- Adrienne King

"Thank you for a great time on Necronomicast! I really appreciate your professionalism and all the care that goes into your interviews. Wonderful experience--thanks again."

- Kelli Maroney

"What a great pleasure it was to be interviewed on NECRONOMICAST.  The show and the producers are true professionals and the end product is masterful. Wayne Brekke, the executive producer and show host, was informed and engaging during my interview.  He asked the "good stuff"!!!  I look forward to future shows with NECRONOMICAST!"

-Melanie Kinnaman

"Necronomicast was scarylicious fun and ultra professional from the get go! Joe was "on it" from his first contact with me, covering every angle, and Wayne and Tim "brought it" better than KROQ! We all know I can "talk" and Wayne and Tim let my inner "Diva Scream Queen" run wild! Lotsa laughs and a memorable radio experience! Can't wait to be invited back!"

- Actress/Producer/Scream Queen Brooke Lewis

"I have nothing but great things to say about Joe and our experience with Necronomicast. My daughter, Grace, was a guest on their show and had a wonderful time. Wayne made her feel very comfortable and at ease during the interview. I really appreciated how committed Joe was to making sure Grace felt safe as he was promoting her. Overall it was a great experience for her and our family."

- Susan Powell 

"I have recently had the pleasure of Appearing on Necronomicast and I couldn't have had a better experience. Everyone involved was professional and courteous beyond belief and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I look forward to joining them again soon to update the fans of new projects as I feel they are the best in promotion and friendly interviewing skills! Thank you guys at Necronomicast for everything!"

- Lesleh Donaldson


"Necronomicast was an awesome interview experience. I loved being able to speak freely in an unedited manner about the projects I'm so passionate about. They're fabulous and fun!"

- Gabrielle Stone

"Doing the Necronomicast show was a tremendously fun and positive experience! From the professional handling specific to the initial booking by Joe Q., to the professionally executed interview process on behalf of the radio show's hosts, Tim and Wayne, these guys take care of business...and do it well!!! The Necronomicast team is made up of folks who are professionals and also extremely well versed genre fans. Working with these guys is more than just giving an interview to a radio show, it's also gaining a fantastic marketing team made up of true friends.They don't just forget you the moment the show ends...and in this biz, that is an awesome thing! Again, I greatly appreciate them and I consider these guys family now!"

- Parish Randall

"I really enjoyed chatting on the Necromomicast Radio show. The guys were genuine, cool, and movie fans like myself.I will definitely do the show in the future as I have lots if new projects to promote."

-Douglas Tait

"My experience with Necronomicast has been "most excellent!" Joe, Tim and Wayne are professional, friendly, and have become my friends in real life. You guys are the best of the best!"

-Rocky Karlage

"Necronomicast supported us first when we needed it most. Joe Quintanilla and the team are truly on the side of indie filmmaker."

-Roze Gas Mask

"My interview on Necronomicast was my first interview and I felt it was a very comfortable interview with thorough questions. We had more than enough time to give our responses. We were able to tell a little bit about ourselves and personal life as well as promote and tell the story behind “The Farm” This being my first interview; I felt broke me in for future interviews and what kind of questions one would expect. I had a great time while on the air, though being a little nervous, the show itself sounded great."

-John Chiara

"Necronomicast clearly values the talent. The promotional support Necronomicast provides to the guests is done with great fervor and it is certainly immensely beneficial to the talent and their work."

-Bart Mastronardi

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