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Necronomicast Special Guests...

Randall F. Travers - Paranormal Researcher, Author "The Sensual Sasquatch"

The Blumberg Family - "We Bought A Funeral Home"

Christian Hansen & Zachary Treitz - Filmmakers "American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders

Joshua Dairen - Historian, Investigator, Lecturer, Content Creator

Harry N. MacLean - Author, "Starkweather:  The Untold Story of the Killing Spree that Changed America"

Brett Eichenberger & Tobe Johnson - "A Flash Of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed"

Steve Berg - Actor and host of "Hi, Strangeness"

Adam Marcus - Writer/Director "Jason Goes To Hell", "Secret Santa"

Jeff Belanger - Historian/Author, "The Fright Before Christmas", "The Call of Kilimanjaro"

Joshua Kessler & Jon Hirsch - Executive Producers "Murder In The 21st"

Chris Holt - Writer/Director "The Devil On Trial"

Vincente DiSanti - Filmmaker, "Never Hike Alone 1 &2", "Never Hike In The Snow"

Ken Boggle, Alex LeMay, Logan Taylor, JuJu Bae, Roz Hernandez, Rob Eric - "Living For The Dead"

Stephen Scarlata - Director, "Sharksploitation"

Adam Berry - Author "Goodbye Hello", television's "Kindred Spirits"

Deborah Blum - Pulitzer Prize Winner, Author "Ghost Hunters"

Brian Bogdanoff - Author, "Three Bodies Burning", retired Omaha Homicide/Narcotics Detective

Henry J. Cordes - Author, "Pathological", Omaha World Herald Chief Staff Writer

David Kulczyk - Author, "Deadly California"

Tammie Merheb-Chavez - Host, "Hollyweird Paranormal"

Florence De Changy - Correspondent for Le Monde & Author "The Disappearing Act"

Brian J. Cano - Author/Investigator & "Paranormal Caught On Camera"  panelist.

Steve Higgins - Paranormal writer/adventurer "Hidden, Forbidden, & Off Limits"

Dr. Michelle Ward, PHD - "Mind of a Monster" "Stalked: Someone's Watching"

Loyd Auerbach - Parapsychologist/Author/Researcher

Ron Morehead - Legendary Bigfoot Researcher/Author/Adventurer

Eric Mahoney - Filmmaker "Transmissions After Zero"

David Bruckner - Director of VHS / Southbound / The Signal / The Ritual/ Night House/Hellraiser

Leslie Rule - Author "A Tangled Web", "Haunted In America"

Troy Taylor - Historian and Author "A Song of Dance and Death", "One Bleak Midwinter Night"

Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Alex Schroeder, Tanner Wiseman - "Destination Fear"

Nick Simons - "28 Days Haunted"

Shari DeBenedetti - "Ghost Hunters"

Alex Matsuo - Paranormal Investigator, Author,

Harriett McFeely - "Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum"

Beckie-Ann Galentine - Paranormal Investigator, Influencer, Licensed Funeral Embalmer

Heather Taddy & Katrina Weidman - "Paranormal State", "Paranormal Lockdown", "Alien Highway"

Cindy Kaza & Dave Schrader - "The Holzer Files", "The Ghosts of Devil's Perch"

Thomas J. Colbert - "The Last Master Outlaw", "D.B. Cooper, Where Are You?"

Lt. Joe Kenda - "American Detective", "Homicide Hunter"

Detective Chris Anderson & Attorney Fatima Silva - "Reasonable Doubt"

Russell Acord - Survivalist, Researcher "Expedition Bigfoot"

Ken Gerhard - Author, "The Essential Guide To Bigfoot"

John Dower - Filmmaker "Sophie: A Murder in West Cork", "The Mystery of DB Cooper"

Greg Lawson - "The Paranormal Detective"

Sarah Appleton & Phillip Escott - Directors/Writers "The Found Footage Phenomenon"

Msgr. Stephen Rossetti - "Diary of an American Exorcist"

Alexis Linkletter - "Unraveled"  True Crime Television Series & Podcast

Sapphire Sandalo - "Paranormal Caught on Camera", "Ghost Town Terror", "Stories with Sapphire"

Roo Powell - "Undercover Underage"

Chip Coffey - Psychic Medium, "Kindred Spirits", "Paranormal State", "Psychic Kids"

Dr. Katherine Ramsland - Professor of Forensic Psychology, DeSales University

Amy Bruni & Adam Berry - "Kindred Spirits", "Ghost Hunters"

Craig Ciccone - Historian and Researcher specializing in political assassinations of the 1960s.

Anthony & Claire Bueno - filmmakers, "Cleaning Up The Town-Remembering Ghostbusters"

Bloody Mary - Voodoo Priestess, New Orleans Tour Guide

Tayden Bundy - Author, "Beyond Lincoln"

Alan Boye - Author, "A Guide To The Ghosts Of Lincoln"

Ron Haskett - Paranormal Investigator, "Answering The Call" documentary

Sam Baltrusis - "The Curse of Lizzie Borden"

Tessa DelZoppo - Psychic Medium

Ben Hansen - "UFO Witness", "Roswell, The Final Verdict", "Hudson Valley"

Tyler Measom - Producer & Director, "Murder Among The Mormons", "An Honest Liar"

Dr. Mike Heithaus - World renowned Shark expert and Professor at Florida International

Dr. Richard G. Fernicola - Author, "Twelve Days of Terror"

Amy Petulla - Author, "The Corpsewood Manor Murders"

Dr. Mireya Mayor - Primatologist & Researcher, "Expedition Bigfoot" 

Nick Groff - "Ghost Adventures", "Ghosts of Shepherdstown", "Death Walker"

Lee Mellor, PHD - Criminologist and Author "Behind The Horror"

John E. L. Tenney - Investigator of UFO, Paranormal, and Occult phenomena

Scott James - Journalist & Author "Trial By Fire"

Lena Derhally - Psychotherapist & Author "My Daddy Is A Hero"

Richard Estep - "Paranormal 911" / "Haunted Hosptals", Author "The Black Monk of Pontefract"

Mark Onspaugh - Writer/Producer "Christmas Ghost Stories", "Dark Valentine's"

Lesley Bannatyne - "The Queen of Halloween"

Pat Fitzhugh - Author/Historian "The Bell Witch - The Full Account"

Kevin Yagher - Legendary Hollywood FX artist / Director

John Borowski - Filmmaker, Author, Historian "Serial Killer Culture"

Larry Zerner - Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer, "Shelly" from Friday the 13th Pt. 3

Daniel Farrands - Hollywood Director, Producer, Writer

Timothy Renner - Author "Where The Footprints End" "Bigfoot in Pennsylvania"

Elizabeth Saint - "Ghosts of Shepherdstown"/"Paranormal Lockdown"

Steve "Prozak" Shippy - "Haunting in the Heartland"

Don Mancini - Writer / Director  "Child's Play"

Johnny Houser - Paranormal Investigator / TV personality

Bob Gimlin - "Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film"

Nick Antosca - "Hannibal" TV Series  "Channel Zero"

Dark Waters - Paranormal radio personality

Mark Borchardt - "American Movie" "Coven"

Jason Offutt - Author "Chasing American Monsters"

Jaime Nestroyl - Haunticon Omaha

Mark Pettit - Author "A Need to Kill"

Peter Bracke - Author "Crystal Lake Memories"

Thommy Hutson -  Author "Never Sleep Again"

Adam Green - Director/Filmmaker Hatchet series

Tom McLoughlin - Writer/Director Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives

Joe Giles - KNB, The Walking Dead
Chris Carnel - Stuntman, My Bloody Valentine
Kerry Prior - Director: The Revenant
Melissa Cowan - The Walking Dead
Sonya Thompson - The Walking Dead
Kyra Schon - Night of the Living Dead
Dan Iske - The Dead Hour web series
Tony Moran - Halloween
John Dugan - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Simon Bamford - Hellraiser
Adrienne King - Friday the 13th
Larry Mainland - The Walking Dead
Beki Ingram - SyFy's Face Off season 2
Stacy Nelkin - Halloween 3
Melanie Kinnaman - Friday the 13th part 5
Breah Joseph - SyFy's Face Off season 2
RJ Haddy - SyFy's Face Off season 2
Brinke Stephens - Scream Queen Legend
Lesleh Donaldson - Happy Birthday to Me, Funeral Home
Adrienne Barbeau - Escape from New York, The Fog, Argo, Carnivale
Douglas Tait - Freddy vs Jason, Land of the Lost, Star Trek
Belinda Balaski - The Howling, Gremlins, Piranha!
Parrish Randall - Jacob, Chillerama, Quick and the Undead
Dee Wallace - Cujo, ET, Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Lords of Salem
Marilyn Burns - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Irwin Keys - The Warriors, House of 1000 Corpses
Michael Berryman - Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science, Devils Rejects
Tevis Marcum - Affected, Stone, Solitude

Gabrielle Stone - 869, Henry John, An Old Man's Gold

Larry Carrell - Jacob, Game Store Clerks
Kelli Maroney - Night of the Comet
Bart Mastronadi - Director: Tales of Poe
Bette Cassette - Tales of Poe
Clint Glenn Hummel - Quick and the Undead
Brooke Lewis - Kinky Killers, Ms Vampy
Roze - Director: Speak No Evil
Grace Powell - Jacob
Andreas Lyon - Fallen Angel, CSI, Motion capture actor
Jimmy O and April Burril - Chainsaw Sally
Tamara Glynn - Halloween 5
Dan Yeager - Texas Chainsaw (2013)
Bill Mosely - House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw 2
John Chiara - The Farm
Rocky Karlage - Director: The Farm
Terri McMinn - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Jennifer Blanc Biehn - Dark Angel, The Victim
Doug Jones - Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth
Alan Rowe Kelly - Tales of Poe

Oliver Robins - Poltergeist

Lynn Lowry - Cat People, The Crazies

Alyse Wax -

Bill Grennan - Walk the Night Teater Production

Cig Neutron - SyFy Face Off Season 7


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