Our Special Guests...

John Borowski - Filmmaker, Author, Historian "Serial Killer Culture"

Larry Zerner - Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer, "Shelly" from Friday the 13th Pt. 3

Daniel Farrands - Hollywood Director, Producer, Writer

Timothy Renner - Author "Where The Footprints End" "Bigfoot in Pennsylvania"

David Bruckner - Writer/Director of VHS / Southbound / The Signal / The Ritual

Elizabeth Saint - "Ghosts of Shepherdstown"/"Paranormal Lockdown"

Steve "Prozak" Shippy - "Haunting in the Heartland"

Don Mancini - Writer / Director  "Child's Play"

Johnny Houser - Paranormal Investigator / TV personality

Bob Gimlin - "Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film"

Nick Antosca - "Hannibal" TV Series  "Channel Zero"

Dark Waters - Paranormal radio personality

Mark Borchardt - "American Movie" "Coven"

Jason Offutt - Author "Chasing American Monsters"

Jaime Nestroyl - Haunticon Omaha

Mark Pettit - Author "A Need to Kill"

Peter Bracke - Author "Crystal Lake Memories"

Thommy Hutson -  Author "Never Sleep Again"

Adam Green - Director/Filmmaker Hatchet series

Tom McLoughlin - Writer/Director Friday the 13th part 6 Jason Lives

Joe Giles - KNB, The Walking Dead
Chris Carnel - Stuntman, My Bloody Valentine
Kerry Prior - Director: The Revenant
Melissa Cowan - The Walking Dead
Sonya Thompson - The Walking Dead
Kyra Schon - Night of the Living Dead
Dan Iske - The Dead Hour web series
Tony Moran - Halloween
John Dugan - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Simon Bamford - Hellraiser
Adrienne King - Friday the 13th
Larry Mainland - The Walking Dead
Beki Ingram - SyFy's Face Off season 2
Stacy Nelkin - Halloween 3
Melanie Kinnaman - Friday the 13th part 5
Breah Joseph - SyFy's Face Off season 2
RJ Haddy - SyFy's Face Off season 2
Brinke Stephens - Scream Queen Legend
Lesleh Donaldson - Happy Birthday to Me, Funeral Home
Adrienne Barbeau - Escape from New York, The Fog, Argo, Carnivale
Douglas Tait - Freddy vs Jason, Land of the Lost, Star Trek
Belinda Balaski - The Howling, Gremlins, Piranha!
Larry Zerner - Friday the 13th part 3
Parrish Randall - Jacob, Chillerama, Quick and the Undead
Dee Wallace - Cujo, ET, Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Lords of Salem
Marilyn Burns - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Irwin Keys - The Warriors, House of 1000 Corpses
Michael Berryman - Hills Have Eyes, Weird Science, Devils Rejects
Tevis Marcum - Affected, Stone, Solitude

Gabrielle Stone - 869, Henry John, An Old Man's Gold

Larry Carrell - Jacob, Game Store Clerks
Kelli Maroney - Night of the Comet
Bart Mastronadi - Director: Tales of Poe
Bette Cassette - Tales of Poe
Clint Glenn Hummel - Quick and the Undead
Brooke Lewis - Kinky Killers, Ms Vampy
Roze - Director: Speak No Evil
Grace Powell - Jacob
Andreas Lyon - Fallen Angel, CSI, Motion capture actor
Jimmy O and April Burril - Chainsaw Sally
Tamara Glynn - Halloween 5
Dan Yeager - Texas Chainsaw (2013)
Bill Mosely - House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw 2
John Chiara - The Farm
Rocky Karlage - Director: The Farm
Terri McMinn - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Jennifer Blanc Biehn - Dark Angel, The Victim
Doug Jones - Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth
Alan Rowe Kelly - Tales of Poe

Oliver Robins - Poltergeist

Lynn Lowry - Cat People, The Crazies

Alyse Wax - Fearnet.com

Bill Grennan - Walk the Night Teater Production

Cig Neutron - SyFy Face Off Season 7


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